Sale of horses / Zduchovice

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Reference: Chloe - sold to Mexico in 9/2014 !!!


Dear Barbara: I just want to tell you how happy I am with Chloe, she is a super mare. I enjoy a lot training her every morning before I go to work and she is amazing in show jumping events. I want to thank ...  more


Reference: Lukrecia - sold to Italy in 12/2014 !!!


Hi Barbara, this weekend Francesca and Lukrecia had the first competition together... The mare was very great! They started on 1,15m class with a fifth place, the second day a 1,20m class with a third place ...  more


Reference: Capri - H - sold to USA 11/2014 !!!


Nice feedback from USA !!! Sold Capri yesterday this is his latest photo. If you have any other very nice young hunter prospects please let me know. Thank you Pattie   more


Reference: Cassiopea sold to Austria in 5/2013


Beautiful Reference was coming from Austria today!!! Cassiopea and her rider Vivien won for four times in Stadl Paura !!!! Hezké pozdravy z Rakouska. Posílám ti výsledky a fotku ...  more


Reference: Long Lifa and Hellboy sold to Italy in 9/2014!!!


Realy beautiful reference came from Italy!! Hallo Barbara, How are you? Hopefully well I hope We want to send you some photos of Hellboy and Longlifa in their first competition. Hellboy 3rd place ( also without ...  more


Reference - Ita Zerosette d'Acheronte - sold from our stable in February 2014 - now very success with her new rider!!!!


Hello Barbara Ita its ok and Joana is starting at 1,20 whit sucess. this weekend 3 parcours and 3 clear rounds 6th position whit a prize money among 55 riders, including many professional. ...  more

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