Sale of horses / Zduchovice

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Reference - Capitano - sold to Germany in October 2012


Email and photos from his new owner Sandra Zach:   Liebe Frau Hassova, ich wünsche ihnen Frohe Weihnachten! Ich habe vor über einem Jahr Capitano bei ihnen gekauft und ich habe es nicht bereut. ...  more


Reference - Cassiopea - sold in May to Austria


Email from new owner of Cassiopea and photos - Cassiopea with her 11 years old rider :-) Im Mai 2013 waren wir auf der Suche nach einem zuverlässigen Springpferd für meine elfjährige Tochter und mich. ...  more


Reference - Armani - sold to Egypt January/2013


Hi Bara ,how are you ?:) Armani ( 4years old) is now jumping 135m undersaddle ,and a complete course of 110m   more


Reference - Coriana


Reference - Coriana - she was sold to Germany in 2011, now she is qualified with her rider Sebastian Bolse for the  German Youngster Championship !!! Congratulations!!! Reference from Coriana's rider ...  more


Reference - Zack - from his new owner


Photos and video of Zack from his new home in Florida Dear Barbara,   here is a video of Sasha and Zack from this weekend doing the 1 m class. They did great...he did great. What a good boy. ...  more

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