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We are horse experts focused on the sale and promotion of sport horses, mainly the Holstein warm blood.

Most of the horses offered come from our own horse breeding, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. The fact that an inspection, from the Holstein Verband, comes each year straight to our stables in Zduchovic to register and burn out the foals is one of the proofs of the quality of our horses. We are registered members of the Holstein Verband and as such possess strict membership qualifications. We must therefore also adhere to the strict rules of the Holstein's breeding.

The Holstein warm blood has for the last decades belonged among the 3 world's best breeds of sport horses. The Holstein stud-book is mainly appreciated for its leadership in the production of top world athletes (regular winners of World Championships and many Olympic Champions).

Mares from the best Holstein families are represented in our breeding. Let's mention e.g. mares from the legendary Stamm 776, which is the linchpin of Holstein's breeding. Several of our mares are mothers of well-known Holstein breeding stallions such as Contifax I, Contifax II, Lavaletto, Ramirado,...

Other valuable Holstein Stamms such as the 628B and 18A1 are as well represented in our breeding.

Our mares are inseminated with the fresh semen of the best Holstein stallions which are carefully selected and must fulfill our demanding criteria: they are selected according to the phenotypic and genetic characteristics of the cross-bred individuals.

In breeding we put great emphasis on the right proportion of blood, temper, riding and jumping ability.

Overview of selected stallions in the past few years:
2004 - Levisto Z, Cassini II, Cardenio
2005 - Cassini II, Colander, Quite Capitol, Contifax I
2006 - Cassini II, Clearway, Con Air, Lordano, Carinjo
2007 - Limbus, Cassini II, Coriano, Quite Magic, Carlos
2008 - Limbus, Calato, Claudio, Con Cosmos, Lordano
2009 - Cassini II, Cassiano, Quantum, Colman, Lord Calleto
2010 - Cancara, Companiero, Corrado I, Colman, Cesano
2011 - Lyjanero, Landos, Corrido, Larimar, Colman, Fidelio du Donjon

All offered horses are handled by horse professionals and ridden by international riders under the supervision of top Czech and foreign show-jumping and dressage trainers ( John Ledingham, Tjark Nagel, Sebastian Holtgrave, J.Krakow, Jaroslav Jindra, Miroslav Pulpán, A.Onoprienko...)..

Our horses are trained on high-quality surfaces, which spare their musculoskeletal system from premature damage and wear. All horses obtain their basic education and are further more trained in our riding center equipped with modern facilities. During training sessions the usage of all kinds of fences including the water-jump prevents any future problems with colorful types of fences in show-jumping courses and ensures a stable development of each young show-jumping horse.

A large number of competitions which take place in our equestrian center in Zduchovic and its surroundings are a great advantage, making the preparation of a young horse much easier.

All high-performance sport horses regularly compete on an international level which permits them to gain rich competition experience - a real key to any future success!

Our breeding and sport training proceeds in conformity with traditional practices along with the usage of modern European trends. Our breeding and sport horse training derive benefit from know-how enabled to us as members of the Holstein Verband. But our successes are primarily a result of yearly experience combined with careful observation and selection of our young promising partners. Our breeding and sport training profit from tight cooperation with top trainers and top experts from all over the world.

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